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About Dan

My wife Nicole and I have lived in Chanhassen since 2005 and we are busy professionals with two energetic kids (Emily – age eleven and Aiden – age seven) and we love living here.  Give me a chance to serve for another four years and I will work hard to keep Chanhassen # 1 for my family and yours too.


Public service has been important to me for a long time.  Prior to being elected to the City Council in 2014, I also served on the Chanhassen Planning Commission and Park and Recreation Commission.  I also enjoy coaching my kids in their sporting activities whenever possible.

I have a strong background in business and engineering, focused on the semiconductor and aerospace industries. I earned BSEE and MBA degrees from the University of Minnesota.  I am the Director of Business Development for Xcerra Corporation for my day job. 


I am running for re-election to the City Council because I want to remain involved with key developments to ensure residents’ input will be considered by city staff and developers.

I quickly realized during my first term that it is a given people with always disagree with decisions made by the council – but that doesn’t mean we should discount public comments.

The small town that we all love is destined for more commercial and residential development over the next few years and I want to improve the dialog between residents and the city throughout the process. The key developments that I mentioned include the residential development off Galpin Blvd adjacent to Lakes Ann and Lucy, the Avienda commercial development off Powers and 212, and continued redevelopment in our downtown.

I repeatedly hear neighbors requesting more unique non-chain restaurants and I don’t have a great answer for why they haven’t been coming to town. Café Thyme being established by Jessica Pettingill sounds like a great example of this type of restaurant people and I plan to support her with patronage and will stay connected with her as she goes through the process of opening her doors to understand how we can attract other unique restaurants similar to hers.

I was unhappy with the process and outcome of the Venue/Aldi downtown redevelopment. There was an outpouring of public dissatisfaction with the plans expressed at the first planning commission meeting and at every opportunity for public input throughout the process, yet essentially zero compromises or modifications were made by the developer.

Communication is a two-way process and the city needs to improve communication with residents. I applaud residents that take time to attend council meetings or watch a live stream / replay of meetings, but I feel that as council members we can do more to communicate with residents before and after votes using social media or neighborhood meetings.

I am very supportive of new business within Chanhassen, especially small businesses, but I expect them to consider input from residents and neighbors to ensure the best possible fit in our community. If elected for a second term, I intend to reach out more to our local business community to get input on barriers to their success or barriers discouraging new businesses. 

Help me keep Chanhassen # 1 for my family and yours too.

Thanks for your support,